Some users may have trouble opening and previewing attachments via TUmail. As a potential workaround, downloading attachments and embedded image viewing may succeed after an affected user signs-out and then signs-in again to TUmail on the web. Additionally, users can download attachments and view embedded images consistently through the TUmail (Outlook desktop client), if available.

Clearing the web browser cache should resolve the issue, or using a private browser session / incognito browser session might also help.

Microsoft has completed the internal validation process and started the fix deployment to the affected environment. Microsoft anticipates this will finish and remediate the impact by their next scheduled update on Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 5:00 PM EDT

Last Update At: Tuesday, Apr 09, 2024 09:09 AM


Microsoft has alerted us of instances where outbound TUmail emails were being marked as spam and not delivered. This has been seen with third-party email systems such as Yahoo, GMail, Verizon, and AOL. Microsoft is working with a third-party anti-spam service to determine the Microsoft email IP address ranges that are problematic to resolve the issue.   

The System Status page will be updated once this issue has been resolved by Microsoft. We appreciate your patience.  

Last Update At: Monday, Apr 08, 2024 11:39 AM


Starting tonight (March 18) at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, a new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) prompt will appear when you access TUportal and other major Temple University websites. 

Please visit our Multi-Factor Authenication web site here for how the new prompts will look like while speeding up the Login Process.

To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication at Temple, including how to set up the Duo Mobile app, see our MFA webpage.

For questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at (click Chat or Request Help) or call 215-204-8000...

Last Update At: Saturday, Mar 30, 2024 08:20 AM


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