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Introducing Work Orders in BMC Helix - Remedy

As a follow up to our previous announcements and email messages sent, a new date has been set to implement a new ticket type, Work Order.

Historically, here at Temple, we have exclusively utilized the Incident (INCxxxxxxxxxxxx) ticket type to handle every customer inquiry. While this has served us well, we recognize the importance of aligning with best practices in enterprise service management systems.

Beginning November 20th, 2023, we will be using a new ticket type called "Work Order" (WOxxxxxxxxxxxx). This addition aims to provide clear differentiation between incidents (something is broken) and service requests (user inquiries seeking solutions or information about a new or existing service). Work Orders will be used to fulfill service requests in Helix.   

Note: Beginning November 20, the majority of requests submitted via the service catalog at will be submitted as Work Orders.   

ITS is still working to make all services appear in the Service Catalog. If you do not see what you are looking for, please search for the service in the white search window near the top of the TUHelp page. We hope to have this resolved shortly

Managing Work Orders with Smart IT
The Ticket Console in Smart IT is the best interface for handling Work Orders. Both Incidents and Work Orders are viewable, by default, in this view. We highly encourage you to start learning the Smart IT interface today.

Interacting with Work Orders
Though Work Orders are managed in a very similar manner to Incidents, there are some differences. The Helix team has developed a video, linked below, to demonstrate these differences. In the video, you will see how to interact with Work Orders in both the modern Smart IT and the traditional Mid Tier (blue form) interfaces.
• Work Orders vs Incidents in BMC Helix

Contact the Help Desk at (click Chat or Request Help) or call 215-204-8000.  

Work Order Guide 

Work Orders vs Incidents in BMC Helix Video

Smart IT Instruction Guide





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